A Ride in the Country

In the middle of the day I first dropped Julia off at work (she is going in to familiarise herself with the garden) and then went for a drive.

I saw an Orange-tip on the verge and a Buzzard perching in a roadside tree, which was a good start.

It was a good day for free range pigs, warm but not too sunny. I always worry about them getting sunburn when it’s too hot. Obviously it’s nothing like as painful as being grilled, but it must be fairly unpleasant , particularly as they have short legs and no way of getting suncream on their backs.

When I have stopped and looked at them before there have been hundreds of birds abouย (Jackdaws, Carrion Crows, Rooks and Black Headed Gulls), but apart from a few gulls there were none about today. I must start looking on a regular basis to see if it’s seasonal or if today was just a one-off.

Further down the road I stopped in a lay-by for a look round. I tried a few flowers and some still life shots but the butterflies wouldn’t stop to pose and all the birds were hiding in trees, though they were singing their hearts out. If only I could recognise more birdsong, or more flowers.

The only bird I actually saw was a Buzzard, and that was too far away to get a decent shot.

It was good to get outside for a spot of nature therapy. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed it the fresh air and actually having to think about things. Sitting at home watching daytime TV is not something I’m keen to keep doing.


14 thoughts on “A Ride in the Country

      1. Laurie Graves

        Tee-hee! We are certainly in the woods. Perhaps in more ways than one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Lavinia Ross

    My cousins, in the far away lands of another state, once had a pair of pigs named Wilbur and Charlotte. Wilbur broke loose and left home, abandoning Charlotte with a litter of piglets. Wilbur was found hiding on a nearby farm, in a haystack out in the cattle farmer’s field. He had made a comfy house in the mound, but a cow had come too close, and a territorial Wilbur had bitten the bovid on the nose. After being chased out of the haystack, Wilbur was last seen taking off across the county, never to be seen again.


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