The Ultimate Irony

Got up.

Changed bags.

Finished Richard Mabey book. Yes, 3.5 stars seems about right.

Had high fibre breakfast with fruit.

Watched the Peregrines on Notts TV. Can’t find a good link to post. You aren’t missing much.

Opened parcel. It’s a new book. Could be hard work.

Explained to Julia why I needed a new book.

Picked up prescriptions.

Photographed flowers.

Asked surgery receptionist very nicely if she could get details of one of my two hospital appointments next week. I lost the letter. Yes, two next week. With luck like that I should buy a lottery ticket.

Set off for Peterborough.

Stopped for Burger King lunch. Yes, it was bad planning.

Visited Father and Sister.

Sister told me she now has three books on decluttering. Yes, three. Hence the title of the post.

Had tea. It was veggie burgers. Menu planning has slipped a little in recent days.

Went home the country way.

Saw two Kites.

Watched TV.


It has not been my most interesting day.

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Irony

    1. quercuscommunity

      “It was a moment of weakness as a result of my brutal treatment in hospital…”

      I sense the pitiful invalid card is about to expire, but it got me out of trouble this time.


      1. quercuscommunity

        I just had Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man delivered. She is out at work, so that is a good result. 😉

        Sadly, I will still have to find excuses for the next two volumes of the trilogy…

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