A Few More Kites

Just a few more photographs of the Kites – I finally found the energy to crop a few into respectability.


Red Kites at Gigrin Farm

We may call them Red, and from a distance they may look brown like a Buzzard, but in fact they are a stunning combination of grey, black and red-brown, with some looking quite different to others when you see them side by side.


Red Kite with wing tags

It looks like this one has a wing tag on, which will be colour-coded and numbered. The “proper” photographer in the hide managed to read the number off the tag, but he had much more impressive equipment than I do. I can barely see the tag.

Light blue on the right wing indicates a bird from the Irish Republic.


Red Kite in Wales

Sorry they aren’t better shots,. I’ve taken steps to rectify the problems with my photographic situation, but I’ve been disappointed by the Lottery before so I’m not going to hold my breath.

12 thoughts on “A Few More Kites

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  3. beatingthebounds

    Bird hides, and reserves, are terrible places for camera envy I find. I’m not sure however, if I did find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I would actually, when it came down to it, want to lug one of those massive telephoto lens around. Well, that’s what I try to tell myself anyway. 🙂


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