The Stained Glass Museum – Ely

As you may have guessed from a previous post, I’m not impressed with the admission charges at Ely Cathedral. In fact, I’m not really keen on spending money at all, unless it’s on books or unsuitable food. So if I say it was a pleasure to spend £4.50 on the Stained Glass Museum you’ll realise I liked it.

Two roundels showing scenes from the life of St Vincent, c 1220-50 Burgundy region

I’ve always liked stained glass. There’s something magic about sunlight filtering through coloured glass, in much the same way that there’s something wondrous about sunbeams streaming through trees.

I’ll leave it to the pictures now, as I have nothing to say that will improve the glass.

Left, Angel Musician c1440 – 80 Distinctive East Anglian style of painting

Right, Christ and His Followers, designed by Alexander Walker (active 1896 – 1929) though the label says this is c 1885. From a church in Leith. Part of the new wave of Scottish glass – religious zeal having destroyed all he old glass and prevented the making of new glass for several hundred years.

Left, Head of a Young Boy c 1930, designed and made by Christopher Webb (1886 – 1966)

Right, Inner Space by Paul San Casciani b 1935 – representing the view of cells

As you can see, there is a variety of glass, including old and new with a mix of traditional and novel subjects.

28 thoughts on “The Stained Glass Museum – Ely

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  2. beatingthebounds

    Love the stained glass – what a brilliant idea for a museum. Never been to Ely, maybe I should consider a visit.

  3. Sue (Mac's Girl)

    I love these stained-glass windows! One of the happy memories I have of home in the UK is visiting the old churches and marveling at the workmanship that went into making these colorful windows.

  4. Helen

    Very interesting…. we had a stained glass window in my bathroom when I was growing up (picture of a boat on the sea) and I’ve wanted some stained glass ever since.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, it’s reawakened my interest in getting some stained glass. We’ve had a few lamps and roundels over the years but with two rugby playing kids they have never lasted.

  5. tootlepedal

    There is no accounting for taste. I generally find stained glass rather gloomy and depressing perhaps because it reminds me of long hours listening to incomprehensible and gloomy sermons as a boy. Very good pictures though.

  6. jfwknifton

    I prefer Christ and His Followers but they are all very beautiful. I don’t like paying for cathedrals either but sometimes they have a free day. Lincoln certainly used to.

      1. Helen

        York Minster does at least allow you entry for the year once you’ve paid. I never seem to get back within the year, though.

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