If I Ruled the World

According to the song, if I ruled the world every day would be the first day of spring.

Looking out of my window I’m not sure that would be a good thing. I’ve been looking forward to Spring, but I’d rather assumed it would feature flowers, blossom and warm weather. Currently, we are about four hours into Spring (which officially started at 10.28 am GMT) and the cold rain has only just stopped. I’m still waiting for the sun to break through, but I fear I may be waiting in vain.

The rest of the week looks equally miserable (and so do I).

For those of you reading in the Southern Hemisphere, congratulations on your Autumn Equinox, and apologies that the rest of it may make no sense. I suppose that somewhere down there you must have cold rain and cloudy skies, but I find it hard to imagine.

However, back at the opening sentence, if I ruled the world things would be different, even if if I couldn’t control the weather.

I won’t go into detail, because the sun has just emerged unexpectedly and I’m off out. Here are a few photos to put you in mind of Spring.

See you later. 🙂



23 thoughts on “If I Ruled the World

  1. beatingthebounds

    Our blackthorn is only just coming into flower now. Could definitely do with some warmth though.

  2. clarepooley33

    The sun obviously knew you had complained about it. You should have said something earlier! 😉 Our sunshine appeared just before sunset – better late than never.

  3. Helen

    My daughter informed me that the spring equinox started at 10:28 on the way home from school. I asked her why that time but I don’t think she heard me.

    Anyway, I could pretty much have written the same about it hardly being spring-like this morning. I had been looking forward to walk in some crisp sunlight but that clearly didn’t happen. Still, the catfish hasn’t died after I cleaned out the aquarium.

  4. Laurie Graves

    Take a look at my blog post today. As I wrote to Derrick, you’ll be doing a happy dance of gratitude 😉


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