A Lucky Escape

I went to Urology today. I was clean, fragrant and mentally prepared. My paperwork was in order, I had filled in my IPSS test and monitored my liquid intake and output for three days.

Those of you who like anagrams and word games may well be looking at those letters and pursing their lips. If you know that IPSS stands for International Prostate Symptom Score, and is therefore connected with urine, that pursing is probably becoming more pronounced.

I asked if they realised it was a badly chosen anagram and after a moment of thinking the nurse smile and said, “Yes, it does look like they’re taking…”

The result of today’s tests?

We didn’t actually get that far as there’s another procedure that needs doing before the test results will mean anything.

However, I’m not downhearted. Or annoyed. Or wondering why the hell we spend so much money on a health service.

I’m just glad that the whole fiasco only took forty minutes and gave me a whole day of beautiful Spring weather.

We went to Carsington Water, saw plenty of birds, Scarlet Elf Cups and two Brimstones.

IΒ had a Chicken Tikka pie and chips for lunch Julia had a pasty. What more can I say? It was “Today’s Special” and I love a bargain. I’m on nine types of fruit and veg for the day and about to make it ten with an apple. May go mad and have some grapes for eleven.

The pictures are from the stones in the Sheepwash Β car park and a few other things we saw around.


15 thoughts on “A Lucky Escape

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      1. Laurie Graves

        You got that right. And although the snow and the mud are annoying, the health care is a serious issue. If the Republicans have their way, I stand to lose my health insurance, and I have no idea what I’m going to do. I’ve reached the acceptance stage, but scary nonetheless.

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  2. clarepooley33

    Not a bad day at all – especially as you weren’t at the hospital for too long! I took my mother to the eye clinic today and she was seen early and we were finished in just over half an hour. The NHS must have spring-fever! Excellent photo of the Scarlet Elf Cup!

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