More Pictures from Dearne Valley

I couldn’t get all the pictures into one post, so here are some more from our day at Dearne Valley.

The first selection is gulls. Black Headed, Lesser Black Backed and Common Gulls. I don’t know who named them but they have brown heads, grey backs and aren’t that common.

The next selection shows Snipe and Gadwall. There are 5 Snipe in the picture with Lapwings but I didn’t see them as I took the picture. That’s good camouflage.

Finally, the play area and sculpture. I suspect it is left over from when the council ran it. If you have children to entertain I imagine this would be a good place to bring them. On a Wednesday in term time there were no children, just grumpy old men and married couples. Or, in our case, a grumpy old man who was part of a married couple.


13 thoughts on “More Pictures from Dearne Valley

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  2. derrickjknight

    It would have helped if I had read it properly and looked at the correct picture. Just to complete your amusement. I enlarged the single snipe picture and viewed it full size. My second snipe is probably in my imagination. 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity

      I feel quite uplifted by your words Derrick, though I’m by no means young or cheerful. Snipe are tricky – I just enlarged the image and can now see seven, though one is just a head.

      There are three in a vertical line descending from the top Lapwing. One to the left of the top Lapwing, one at the bottom of the frame just right of centre and one at the left of the frame about half-way up. The final one is a brown shape with a light stripe on it – it is in a clump of greener grass approximately midway between the second and third birds in the vertical line.

      This could be the start of a new internet craze – Spot That Snipe!


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