The Week Ahead

I have an appointment to see the Practice Nurse late on Wednesday. I’m going to be weighed, prodded, bled and, probably, lectured. If I’m very unlucky, and I often am when examined by the medical profession, I will also be diagnosed with something I didn’t know I had when I walked in.

That’s pretty much all there is to my week. I think of it as Broken Tooth Syndrome. You may have 31 good teeth and one with a rough edge, so the chances of catching it with your tongue are 31 to 1. But in practice I always catch the rough edge with my tongue and I find it difficult thinking about anything else. So although I have seven days ahead of me I can only think of one 20 minute spell on Wednesday afternoon.

The new recipes are going well, though the bean burger testing has hit the buffers. There’s only so many tasteless bean burgers you can eat. After doubling the seasoning without producing an edible result I’m going to have to find a new recipe. I don’t mind them being bland, but I do mind that they seem to make my head pucker. There are few things as truly tasteless as badly seasoned beans.

I’m making meatballs again this week, using the other half of the mince from the Post House Pie.  The meatballs need a bit of work on the favours but the construction and sauce were good.The Post House Pie was very good last time I made it. This week I have added the tomato sauce from the meatballs to the spicy meat then layered left-over vegetable curry and roast vegetables on top. Makes a change from soup or bubble and squeak, and it’s always an adventure.

We’ve already had two meals of Parsnip and Ginger soup, another new recipe which worked out well. Unlike the beans it doesn’t suffer from lack of seasoning.

Last week we had boodles. They are butternut squash that has been spiralised into “noodles”, but you have to give them a made up name if you have a marketing department. Nutritionally I’m sure they are great, but the texture and taste aren’t quite as good as proper noodles. This week I’m going to have a go at either courgetti of cauliflower rice.

However, the big event of the week is going to be the unveiling of the telescope. I finally got round to buying one from the RSPB Shop at Carsington Water. Hopefully I’m going to be getting a lot of use out of it, because after the house and car (and kids, if I’m being honest) it’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought.

Stand by for reports of me getting really great views of birds I can’t identify.



22 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

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      1. clarepooley33

        I have what is known as ‘floating’ veins that move or contract just at the wrong moment. I have to have a blood-test every month and regularly have to put up with two or three attempts. Our nurses have given up saying ‘a little prick’. They now tell me it’s a ‘slight scratch’. 🙂

  2. tootlepedal

    Good luck with the appointment. Being a hypochondriac I go along to the doctors to be told that I haven’t got things which I think that I might have.

    Have you got a handy attachment to stick your camera on the end of the telescope?

  3. Laurie Graves

    Best, best, best! As for bean burgers…the inimitable Mark Bittman has recipes for some that are utterly delicious. Not bland at all. If you can’t find his recipes online, then let me know, and I will send you the recipe we always use, with several variations.

      1. Laurie Graves

        He’s one of my culinary heroes. His recipe for bean burgers—with the many variations—is my go-to recipe.

  4. flanders1914

    I know what you mean about the practice nurse. It is an age thing, the older we get the more there is wrong with us. I share your views on birds. I am exactly the same. Flowers are my thing, red ones, blue, yellow flowers easy really, but don’t ask me their names.


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