The Day that Permaculture Died

We went to the farm today to go through the tree measuring protocols so they can carry on measuring after we leave. Imagine our surprise when we walked out of the back door of the centre.

Something is missing.


The day that Permaculture died…

Do you recognise this blasted heath? Looks a bit like as mass grave of all our ambitions, concealed under a carpet of woodchip.

As a clue, it used to look like this.


Raised beds at the Ecocentre, Screveton

It’s not the greatest comparison photograph but I never thought to take one. After five years of planting, experiment and soil improvement we hadn’t thought that the beds would be flattened without warning. Nor had we thought our plants would just be ripped out and discarded.

In plant terms we lost sorrel, wild strawberries, lavender, chives, marigolds, fennel, mint, nasturtiums (though they were in winter remission), rocket, radish leaves, leeks and fat hen.

I keep saying I’m going to look forward and not complain, so I’ll stop here.




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      1. Laurie Graves

        A good rest, from time to time, is absolutely essential. Especially as we age πŸ˜‰

  4. The Snail of Happiness

    I simply cannot bring myself to ‘like’ this post. You must have felt crushed to see that. Do you need to go back to the farm again? I wouldn’t if you can avoid it – you can’t move forward sensibly if you are looking over your shoulder.


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