The Coming Year (Part 2)

The plan for the year is gradually coming together, which is good, because I want something to take my mind off yesterday.

First, I’m spending time on getting my health in order. This isn’t really an active choice, after the pre-Christmas admission to hospital it was more or less forced on me. I’m in hospital tomorrow, though I’ve already covered that.

Second, I’m doing more exercise and making sure I get out in the open air. We said we would do it and although it’s a bit patchy it’s going quite well. Having blown a few cobwebs away I’m now feeling a lot fitter. Again, it’s not taking a lot of effort as I like getting out with the camera and binoculars.

Third, we’re putting a few plans in place for holidays- a long weekend in the Lakes and a week on Mull. Last time we had a full week the Beijing Olympics were on. Again, it’s not difficult to manage this.

Fourth, we have the permaculture and nature books out and we’re planning the changes in the garden. We’ll start with a good tidy (we’ve neglected it badly over the last couple of years due to the time we’ve spent on the farm) and see how it goes. This is going to take more effort. I’m starting with a wildlife pond and gooseberry bushes. Well, you have to start somewhere.


Washing up basin wildlife pond

Fifth, we need to declutter the house  and do some decorating. (See comments in Four). So far I’ve taken some books to charity shops. Every journey starts with a single step…

Sixth is weight loss. No plan just yet, it’s just sitting their like the elephant in the room. That’s what Julia has started calling me anyway.

The featured picture is a Robin from Rufford Abbey, all puffed up against last week’s cold.  It’s hard to beat a Robin photo for cheeriness.

17 thoughts on “The Coming Year (Part 2)

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  2. clarepooley33

    Best of luck with all of that! We made a few plans at the beginning of last year shortly after Richard retired. We managed some things on the list but failed miserably with others (though not all fails were our fault). A few extras were forced upon us. It’s best not to get too worked up about the failures. I would definitely concentrate on the healthy options (at our age – and I’m the same age as you – we need our health to get the rest of the list done). Most of your plans look like fun 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, health first. I’m concerned the decluttering and weight loss may run into trouble but most of the rest has potential for success. In fairness, I only added those two because I thought I ought to. I like being surrounded by books and I love eating…

      1. clarepooley33

        Me too! I have found that stress makes me gain weight – comfort eating and not enough sleep. I spend too long in the car and not enough time working outside. I hope that this year will be a better one for us both!

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