The coming year

Today I have been thinking of the coming year.

We are having a casual January to clear the farm and to set things in perspective. In February I will have to start doing things…

I’m likely to have more time on my hands in 2017 because, as Julia has pointed out in a kind yet firm way,  I’m unemployable. Age, size and lack of formal qualifications are all against me, and that’s before you consider that I’m rude, lazy and look like I’ve dressed in the dark. When looking at job adverts I have noticed that these qualities are not often requested.

On the other hand I do have my own tools and an estate car. If there’s nothing in prospect by spring I can always go gardening again, though I will be more selective with my clients this time. No gardens with steep slopes and steps, for instance.

Extra time is not all bad, as it will give me more time to shop and cook, resulting in us eating food that is better and cheaper. We will also probably lose weight, particularly me if I am doing more gardening. Time, I think, to rearrange our neglected garden on Permaculture principles. I might be poor but I’ll be healthy, and full of fibre.

Work-wise I need something to keep the wolf from the door for the next nine years, at which point I will be able to draw my pension.  Just nine years? Where did it all go?

I’m currently exploring a range of dead-end options to occupy my time until that day arrives.


One of my favourite farm photos – think in terms of stormy weather or pots of gold.

(To be continued…)










15 thoughts on “The coming year

  1. Lavinia Ross

    All the best to you, Quercus, as you transition into the next chapter of your life. I hope you find something enjoyable to fill up the time.

    That is a most beautiful rainbow. I hope you can find the pot of gold.

  2. Helen

    Age should not be a barrier in view of recent legislation. However, your plans seem quite appealing….. you are probably right in estimating improved health and such in view of the change in circumstances.

      1. tootlepedal

        I was asked to stand and the back and mime too. It is only in the last three years that I have found that I can sing (up to a point anyway).

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