Christmas Cakes

Today I made a special trip to the farm to wrap the Christmas cakes once they had cooled thoroughly. It proved to be worth it, as I saw the heron again and took some better shots.

I then took more bird photos of varying quality, answered emails, wasted my life looking things up on the internet and entertained two visitors. Even if you add in the housework, Cash and Carry trip and tonight’s cooking it still doesn’t seem much work for a day.

I keep saying I will prepare in advance and write a list of jobs, but I never do. This must change.

Meanwhile, here are some photos. One is of the cakes and the other of a heron in flight. It’s tricky taking a flying bird with no viewfinder.


Flying heron

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cakes

  1. clarepooley33

    Cameras without viewfinders and being long-sighted are not a happy mixture! If the sun shines on the screen there is not a hope of knowing what you are photographing. Congratulations for getting the heron in the shot! The cakes look lovely.

    1. quercuscommunity

      The original model I had of this camera did have a viewfinder – unfortunately it had massive shutter lag so though I could see the subject I often missed the shot because of the lag. I’ve missed two great flying buzzard shots recently – one at Rufford and one on Monday.

      The cakes smell good too!


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