Boiling a frog

We had a power cut yesterday, starting just after lunch and lasting until we went home. At times like that you realise all your work is on computer, and when the wireless connection goes off everything grinds to a halt.

Julia had just started a meeting about The Grant (it is taking over my life to such an extent that I now think of it with capital letter) when everything went dark. Fortunately she had her laptop and a fully charged battery so she was able to carry on.

I filled my time usefully by reading the paper outside on the decking and by taking photographs. That’s when I found another problem with having no computer – I had nothing to view the photos on. It’s so much easier using the computer screen for viewing; the small screen on the camera just isn’t good enough.

When, I asked myself, did I become computerised to the extent that I can’t function without electricity?

And when did I start referring to the  verandah as “decking”?

That’s how it is with change (as exemplified by the tale of the Boiling Frog) – it just creeps up on you without you noticing it.



6 thoughts on “Boiling a frog

  1. Helen

    I’d never heard the boiling frog hypothesis either. Whether or not it would be true, humans tend to have an ability to not consciously notice a disaster till it’s magnitude is sufficiently huge.

    As for not having electricity, we haven’t had a power cut for a while.

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  3. clarepooley33

    I find I am at a loss when we have power cuts. Most of what I do around the house requires electricity. We have a gas hob so at least I am able to cook something and boil a kettle. In an emergency I would use brooms and brushes and wash clothes by hand but I mostly find that those jobs can wait until the power returns – I’m no fool!


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