It all ended well

Another Monday, and just when you think you are immune to surprises we walked into several.

Number One, a note asking me to clean up the desk and trays.

After biting back several terse and witty retorts I have cleared the desk and trays by putting every bit of paperwork that isn’t mine and filing it in a bin bag. Β It’s a lot tidier now, I’ve done as I have been asked, and I’ve now made it someone else’s problem.

Number Two, a continuation of the tidying theme.Β I walked into the kitchen and found all my ingredients had been tidied away.Β Again, I thought we’d moved beyond this obsessive tidying behaviour. It isn’t cleaning, it’s just a compulsion to move things. So, as I got ready for the visitors I had to re-stack the shelves so that my ingredients were all to hand, just as they had been on Saturday night.

And finally, Three. Vicki was walking past the chicken coop in the barn (the one where we’d previously found the keets) when she heard cheeping. This time it seems to seven chicks. Seems like someone else decided to lay eggs on the top again. During the rescue mission two of the chicks fell to the floor and were promptly set upon by the chickens who live there. Fortunately they weren’t injured and all seven are now under a heat lamp.

Yes, it’s been a day of unexpected happenings…

After all that the visit from the Guides, the pizza, the Butterfly Count and the climate measuring all proceeded according to plan.

13 thoughts on “It all ended well

    1. quercuscommunity

      No, I had a look at them today and they are definitely all chicks, as you suggested at the time. I was going to post on that very subject tomorrow and come clean about it but you have saved me the trouble. πŸ˜‰

      1. tarnegolita

        Really?? Wow, I am surprised by my own chick recognition skills! πŸ˜› But you must post anyway! Because pictures! πŸ˜€

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