Doing what we’re meant to do

We had a school from the inner city today. Despite being only 15 miles from Nottingham we hardly ever get a visit from one. We did get a few in the first year or two but they seemed to drop out and only the rural schools came. We’re not sure whether it’s the cost of transport or a lack of interest.



Parents at rural schools are often associated with agriculture so we aren’t really carrying out our mission of educating people about farming. It’s a self-imposed mission so nobody is on our back about it, but you do sometimes wonder what you’re doing.


So there I was, standing in front of a class, feeling pleased with myself that we were actually spreading the message to people who needed to hear it, when one of the kids threw up.

Julia’s idea of running them round to get rid of surplus energy before passing them on to me might need rethinking.




13 thoughts on “Doing what we’re meant to do

  1. clarepooley33

    Nice to hear you got a visit from an inner-city school and they want to come again! You must be doing something right! With any luck they’ll spread the word and you’ll get more such visits – hopefully without the sick! 😉

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