Bread, butter and Brownies – Part 1

Sounds like  a day of unrelieved eating, but the Brownies in question are of the Girl Scout variety rather than the chocolatey sort.

Part 1

It’s getting towards the end of day four now, despite just posting about Day 3. It was ciabatta this morning, and as it takes some time to rise I demonstrated butter-making. It’s not hard. Put cream in screw-topped beaker. Shake. Shake some more, and then same again. First of all it goes quiet as you make whipped cream then there’s a “Clunk!” and you end up with a ball of butter rolling in butter milk. Rinse and press to remove more buttermilk (which will turn butter rancid) and there you have it – butter.

Ciabatta looked good, though there’s a lot of oozing dough involved. That’s all there is to say about part one of the day. I’m now preparing for part 2.



4 thoughts on “Bread, butter and Brownies – Part 1

  1. Julia Davis-Coombs

    Ooooh, bad memories! We used to churn butter when I was a kid–we had a crank-operated churn. Others in the family could get butter with no great effort. I could churn for ages, or not, and NEVER once made butter. Most maddening would be the two cranks added by Mom that achieved that satisfying clunk. Errgh.


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