Back to the grindstone

Today I have made notes of all the brilliant ideas we had in the car yesterday.

It’s not as long a list as it seemed yesterday, and not all the ideas look so good after a good night’s sleep, but it’s still quite a list, leading forward to events in September and November. I look forward to it with my customary cheerful optimism.

We are still waiting for the group that was supposed to come today, though at 15.53, after four calls to the leader and one to Head Office it is clear they aren’t going to show. Their minibus may have been abducted by aliens, it may even have been engulfed in flames in an awful accident: I won’t say too much until I know they are all safe.

What I will say is that we should start getting paid in advance.

Apart from that it’s been a fine day, and we had lunch under the awning that is still up from Open Farm Sunday.

We’ve had butterflies fluttering, finches flitting and baby blue tits cheeping. The chicks and keets have just been moved to the Men in Sheds barn because we can’t see their constant chirrups being conducive to yoga tomorrow. I’m not sure what the MiS will think on Friday when they arrive but as I’m planning to be in Sheffield I can’t say it’s a pressing concern.

Really, nothing much happened today. I’ve had my face stuck to a computer screen all day, despite saying I must get out more and after the group collected the eggs they mainly sat round feeling the heat.

Having been wintry last week, the sudden swerve to summer has caught us all out, though I’m told that the monsoon season starts on Friday. It will be good for the garden…



11 thoughts on “Back to the grindstone

  1. arlingwoman

    I think a substantial deposit is in order, with principal paid on day of visit. If they don’t show or give a reasonable notice, you keep the deposit for your efforts. Even restaurants are asking for a card with a reservation because so many people don’t show.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Visits are subsidised by a local charity so we only charge the visitors Ā£3.50 a child at the moment. This was a group of 6 so even the full amount isn’t substantial. ;-(


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