A visit and a lucky escape

We had a group of pre-school children visit yesterday to look at the lambs. We spent what seemed like ages cutting out cardboard patterns to make model sheep and I distinctly remember saying to Julia: “I’m glad there are only six of them.”

We even cut an extra one out just to be on the safe side, then made a nice cup of tea to celebrate the end of the scissor work. There are quite a lot of fiddly bits round the edges, giving it the appearance of woolliness, and my eyes no longer focus at ant distance less than arm’s length.

You will no doubt be able to guess what happened when they arrived, all ten of them…

With a false smile I set to work printing more copies and cutting them out.

At that point we discovered we had miscounted, so I had to do an eleventh.

It’s been that sort of a day.

On  a more cheerful note, we had three school visits booked last week and two more enquiries today – it’s always the way when the sun comes out. At the moment we are ahead of 2014 but still lagging behind 2015 for bookings. It’s partly to do with the relationship between the  lambing date, Easter and school holidays – we just didn’t get the early visits.

However, this is no excuse and I’ve been  emailing schools to remind them that we are here.

In the afternoon, as I wrote this, Julia painted some glass in preparation for some sort of artistic installation on Open Farm Sunday. Personally I equate the decline in civilisation with the rise in the use of the term “art installation” but that’s probably just me. I still don’t see what was wrong with just having paintings and statues.

Finally, after taking the computer home and falling asleep in front of the TV instead of finishing post I had a go at rushing it this morning. It didn’t go well when I got my fingers crossed over and managed to wipe everything off. Thanks to instructions from Derrick J Knight I was able to find a previous version and restore everything without too much trouble.

So that was the story of yesterday. It’s now 11.30 on the day after and it’s bus. Already had the Forestry Commission, another farmer with concert flyers, a teacher coming to look at the facilities and news that we now have seven goslings. It’s all go!

Make that TWO lucky escapes as I just knocked the laptop off the desk. The hinge popped and the screen went stripy before everything switched off. Fortunately, after  a moment of suppressing a major swearing incident (we were in the middle of a group session on trees) I managed to realign the hinge and it all seems OK.

Feeling relieved now.

The concert is on Saturday 2nd July at North Lodge Farm, Widmerpool, NG12 5QE – http://www.bestofbritish@northlodgefarm.co.uk



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