As I published the last post I noticed that it was my 400th. I’d been looking forward to it when I was in the 380s and didn’t seem to be getting much closer. Then I wrote it and missed it! It’s not that I have any erudite observations on the number 400, but it does make the title easier.

Only another 99 to the next milestone and , as I get more casual about blogging, probably no milestone for 500 after that. I wonder if I will find myself linking back to this blog when I reach 500, or even 1,000?

Of course, once you start thinking about number of posts you also have to start thinking about the quality of the content. At that point I have to face up to the fact that what was meant to be an intelligent and focussed blog about Care Farming and sustainability has turned out to be something of a miscellany.

Julia has just read this over my shoulder. I take it from the muttered “rag bag” that she thinks the term “miscellany” may be a little charitable.  This just goes to show that it’s true that behind every successful man there is a woman muttering abuse.

They say that no man is a hero to his valet (well, not so much now, but they used to say it when they had valets) but how much more is that true of wives?

Anyway, back to work.

I’ve put the Guinea Fowl at the top of the post because the photo made me smile and because they haven’t been mentioned much lately. However, that’s the only mention they will be getting in this post.

I now have all the permission slips I need so next week we will be launching personal pages for the group.  It’s a while since I put a new page on the site and it could be a lengthy process as I do it and then correct it…etc. However, when it’s done it will give everyone  a chance to talk about what they like doing and give friends and family an insight into what we do here.

Jody gave us a talk on trees before lunch, with a power point presentation and some tree-themed cards. It was quite interesting though if you look at the photos you may see one of the group is finding it less than gripping. I will mention no names.

After that we had gardening to do and spoon scarecrows to make Yes, it’s that time of year again – watch this space for details of our long range virtual spoon scarecrow competition (though I may have to do something about the name before launching it).

Then one of the neighbours appeared, driving a goose and seven goslings he had found proceeding up Lodge Lane. It isn’t very busy, but it still wasn’t the best place to take goslings. We are going to have to have  a serious look at the fence.

Finally, one of the remaining ewes has given birth. She was one of a small but stubborn group that seems determined to hold on to their lambs until the summer. Hopefully the last three will take the hint.

We have had swallows and a couple of Large Whites fluttering about (the butterfly, not the pig breed) so with a bit of sun it has had all the makings of a lovely spring day, if only the cold breeze would stop.



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    1. quercuscommunity

      Early afternoon Thursday and the temperature peaked at 21.5 – now down to 20. A bit different to yesterday! Hope your is getting better too. (That’s Centigrade in case any American visitors are worrying!) 😉


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