In which a farmer gets a shock…

We had a college out today, studying animal husbandry. As with a lot of these things, we interpreted the brief widely and showed them how to put up electric fencing to keep animals in place. It is always interesting, as nettles and electric shocks are a constant hazard for people who aren’t used to working on farms.

They are a constant hazard even for people who do know what they are doing. I once lost the feeling my right arm after touching an electric fence (though it did come back quite quickly, unlike the time I contracted Saturday Night Palsy). The Farmer went one better today, not only touching the fence but being told off for his language after doing so. That really is adding insult to injury.

There isn’t a lot more to add, as it’s been a day of dull work and even duller paperwork. It seems I used the wrong piece of paper for something a couple of weeks ago so I was told off today. The figures were correct but the form was incorrect. I say form, what I actually did was put the money in a paper bag and write the details on the bag. Next time I will use the right form and wrap the money in it. Let’s see how they like loose change all over the place.

There were other things, some nearly as bad as using the wrong form.

It’s also been the day when I had to confess that after putting the farm debit card “somewhere safe” I can’t actually remember where it is. This went down badly.

Fortunately I didn’t compound my crime by reporting it on the wrong form…


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