Curry and turnips

Yesterday we had curry and flat breads prepared by the bread group. It has become something of a tradition over the last few years and just gets better and better.

I won’t say much more, just let the photos speak for themselves.


For dessert we had mince pies (we still have a few in the freezer!) and the chocolates we forgot to give the volunteers on Saturday. That all worked out quite well as I was able to eat more than I would have done if I’d given them out on the right day.

Big thanks to the Bread Group for all their help on Saturday, and Open Farm Sunday and for the lunch.

A group of them (eleven, I believe), is travelling to India in the New Year to research Indian cuisine, Indian culture and, in all probability, Indian plumbing. Good luck everyone.

I blame the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel myself, and the rest of us are holding ย a sweepstake to see how many don’t come back.

Today we hosted an event for the Campaign for the Farmed Environment. WE had the frozen red cabbage left over from last week (which just gets better when frozen), stir fried kale from the allotment, potatoes (ditto) and carrots (from TESCO). If you’ve ever seen pictures of our carrots you’ll know why I can’t serve them.


The caterpillar survived to find a new home in the compost bin, despite the ominous knife in the picture. Sorry all the pictures seem to feature lunch – but that was the only time I had hands free for the camera.

I’m told the talk featured quite a lot on turnips, if I’d known that I could have cooked something more appropriate – perhaps next time…


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