Gathering speed for Christmas

Further to what I said about nasty competitive streaks in people, I’ve just been turned over five times on the trot playing dominoes. It didn’t matter whether we used the picture side or the number side (these aren’t exactly adult dominoes) I just kept losing. Even when I played a perfect game I still had two tiles in my hand when the winner placed their winner. Simple maths suggests that I had just been beaten by someone who started off with one domino less than I did. I’d still have been beaten, but it wouldn’t have felt so bad…

It’s been a day of games interspersed with a few jobs, generally being a bit nippy to do too much outside. Next week it’s the Christmas party the it’s the big day.


I’ve also managed to do the minutes from yesterday’s Management Committee meeting too, so it’s been a good day. It would, of course, have been an even better day if I’d managed to work out a way of never going to another meeting again. 😉

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