Vaccum Packing

We had a good day on Friday – vacuum packing sausages, chipolatas and partridges.

Results were mixed. The full-sized sausages did well, but the chipolatas (which are really cocktail sausages – a much shorter sort of sausage) did not do so well). We had to pile them up a bit, and the vacuum squashed them down too much, losing the appearance of sausages in the process. We restored this by releasing the vacuum and decided just to seal the chipolatas without removing the air.

The partridges were somewhere in between – they looked good when done, but during the process there’s definitely a worrying moment when they start to get smaller and  look like they might collapse.

Now, hands…

Much as I’d like to see what happens when you vacuum-pack a hand, the machine just isn’t built for it. On the other hand it should be able to cope with wallets and mobile phones.

Yes, I have managed to age without maturing!

Pictures to follow.

Latest news (Monday morning) – pictures added (starting to get used to the new system) and we’ve run out of bags so experiments at vacuum sealing non-traditional items are postponed. ;-(



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