A Printer’s Tale

I just called up my label template, changed the packing date and set the printer going to print 170 labels for Lincolnshire Sausages. It managed 80 before something went wrong and started missing bits off, managing only 21 good labels from the next 64. I tried giving it a rest and starting again, but after another four pages the problem came back.

We have 550 trays arriving tomorrow, 275 kg of sausages and a vacuum packing machine, complete with Amazon box, is sitting at my feet as I type (we have limited storage space so tend to shove things under the desk).

It’s going to be the first time I’ve packed sausages onto trays and the first time I’ve used a vacuum packer – we normally use plastic bags and sellotape. I’m a little concerned that we are increasing our use of plastic by doing this, but I’m also keen to find a way of making a better-looking pack, and to see if I can vacuum pack my hand. Doing my hand isn’t strictly necessary, but I’ve always been an advocate of finding my fun where I can. I have a feeling we won’t be able to seal the bag with my arm sticking out but I’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking through photographs. I need some illustrations for the updated Wild Food page (the updates will be taking place soon rather than immediately so don’t rush off to check) but I’m having trouble finding any that are good enough.

With digital photography and cheap storage devices I have become very lazy and kept hundreds of dull, faulty, blurred and duplicated images. It’s a job in itself just to go through and sort them out, and it’s one I don’t feel like doing. There is always something better to do than sort out photo files.

Even worse, it’s very tempting to fire off a dozen frames and assume one will be good enough. When film and developing was expensive I was much more careful about focus, composition, light and interest. These days the camera does a lot of it for you, though it still can’t make a dull shot look interesting.

I’m using a couple of shots out of context here just because I liked them when I looked through.





4 thoughts on “A Printer’s Tale

  1. lola gayle

    Nice shots of the bugs! Hope you get your printer issues worked out. If I was there, I would do your labels by hand, if only to give me something artistic to do.


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