Continued, as promised

Last time we heard those words… well let’s say that we tend to view planning permission and such things as guidelines rather than actual rules. It’s not an approach I would recommend but so far we’ve not had to dismantle anything.

Fortunately he was dressed in shorts and boots (yes, and a shirt) so he didn’t seem to threatening. He’d been in the next village trying to repair a Grade II listed mud wall but it wasn’t working too well due to the rain. Having heard of our famous modern mud wall he had popped along for a look.

It’s strange meeting someone who is so enthusiastic, and knowledgeable, about something I take for granted. I grew up in an area where mud was used as a building material and I spend most of my working days close to one. I didn’t know there were so many points of interest in mud walls. Nor did I know there was an organisation called EBUK (Earth Building UK). I do now, and I’m feeling quite enthused myself now.


As we looked at the wall I saw this lurking above the door.


Another Roesel’s Bush Cricket.

Meanwhile, in the middle of my right hand the arthritis is slowly improving. The moral here is not to believe what you read on Twitter on the sites of people who sell those grain-filled microwavable heat pads.

My swollen finger did not need the damp heat that these pads supply, despite the claims of the makers. What my swollen finger needed was ice. That’s what the nurse practitioner told me and the lessening of pain and swelling I am experiencing would tend to confirm her advice.

Serves me right for believing things I read on the internet.

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