An embarrassment of riches

Despite what I said yesterday I sometimes have far too much to cover in a single post. Today is one of those days.

We arrived early at the farm to set up for the session and I skived off for a moment to look at the buddleia. I’m glad I did, because I spotted my first Painted Lady of the year and got some great shots. Julia saw one a couple of months ago but only managed a blurred shot before it got away. Last year I saw two but didn’t have my camera with me either time.


Painted Lady

At that point the kids started to arrive. First of all they made cheese straws then spent the afternoon making a variety of things from plastic milk containers. I say variety – elephants, baskets and scoops.



Cheesy biscuity goodness



Meanwhile I had to make plastic bottle wasp traps as several of the visitors weren’t keen on wasps. I’m not sure I achieved much but it showed willing, and because it was only wasps none of the veggies complained. Would have been different if I’d built a kitten trap…

The scoops, which I had thought were a bit boring,  were surprisingly popular, thanks to Julia making a sandpit on the new patio/BBQ area.  Just goes to show what I know.


Sandpit and Scoop. Kids have such strange name these days.

Finally it was time for a meeting…


2 thoughts on “An embarrassment of riches

  1. beatingthebounds

    A kitten trap you say. Hmmm. (I’m thoughtfully twisting the ends of my waxed moustache). Will you be publishing blue-prints?

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m not sure the public is ready for this yet – either the trap or the waxed moustache. Tried the wax a few times but I fail to look evil by a wide margin – though it does amuse my wife. 😉


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