Copycat Selfie with Pollinator

I said I was thinking seriously about the quality of my blog so here it is – number 201 features a selfie of me with a bee as a result of reading Jeff Ollerton’s Biodiversity Blog – Selfie with Pollinator.

So here it is, my chance to rub shoulders with a real academic and compete with him on equal terms (probably better than even, as I suspect I have more experience of buffoonery).


I promise you, it was a bee as big as a terrier!

I confess it’s not as easy as it looks, as I generally have enough trouble getting one thing photographed properly. I’m working on getting more flare to the nostrils next time, and working on my beard to avoid the appearance of a man eating a door mat.

I couldn’t get a decent picture of the bee because the stalks of lavender affect the autofocus (which is also how I ended up with eight pictures of a grass stalk with a blurred Gatekeeper in the background.yesterday. It was dark, about the size of a Jack Russell and had reddish hindquarters.

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