Wednesday (Part 1)

We have new goats! They are pictured above, though you may struggle to make them out. When we have new animals we always have plenty of people wanting to use the camera and we try not to hang around and disturb them too much. The result is half a dozen rushed photos from someone who may not have held a camera for months. One kid isn’t eating so it’s a bit of a worry – we aren’t lucky with goats.

Apart from that it’s been a busy morning with the apprentice trainer coming and a professor visiting – yes, professor. We’re not as daft as we may sound from this blog.

We’ve done eggs, looked at the new goat kids, gone through the list of jobs, struggled with technology (that was me) and taken pictures of butterflies (me again – it’s  a hard life).

Having said that, I’m still banned from playing hangman. I’m not happy with the decision because I feel it was quite an easy word and well within the spirit of the game (as It can be difficult pitching it right for the group) and generally not thought of as a “bad” word.

Trouble is that I failed to take into account the fact that a couple of the group  would go home laughing and telling everyone that there was an antelope called a dik-dik.

I will say nothing more, just reflect that there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is knowing there is an animal called a dik-dik.

Wisdom is realising that when you work for your wife you need to remember she doesn’t always share your sense of humour.

Meanwhile I have a good photograph of a female Small White, which is on my list of things to do.


Female Small White

Also got a good photo of a Gatekeeper.


Female Gatekeeper

Both of them have their wings open, which can be tricky to get.

We’re making bath bombs with lavender from the garden at the moment, and then it will be time for lunch.

Is it really only half-way through the day?

3 thoughts on “Wednesday (Part 1)

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  2. derrickjknight

    Congrats on the small white in particular. When one of my grandsons was about ten, he took great delight in the word ‘piscine’. He loved to ask if anyone knew the French for swimming bath. When they got it right he could say ‘oui oui’ 🙂


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