Bees, bugs and baking

It’s been a hectic day of baking bugs. The bug hunt was a bust due to the weather – the only butterfly we saw was a Large White imitating a clipper under full sail as the wind whipped it past at  a rapid rate. The hoverflies are still about and the larger types of bee are also getting to grips with the serious job of feeding. .

They say (and I can’t vouch for this as it’s on the same internet that thinks Miley Cyrus is a celebrity) that a bumblebee with a full stomach has only enough energy to fly for 40 minutes and enough honey in the nest to last just a couple of days. You can see from this why they have to keep plugging away at it. I have enough energy to last several days, enough in my pantry to last several weeks and I don’t get lost when farmer’s spray neonicitinoids. Makes you realise how lucky you are.


Magic Disappearing Tree

(Update: I just took a break from typing and spotted a Red Admiral in a sheltered nook of the garden. No photo as Julia has my camera.) Two butterflies in one August day – hard to believe.

Anyway – back to baking bugs. Sadly this should read “baking bug-shaped buns” as we’re not allowed to feed insects to children. Another example of political correctness gone mad if you ask me. Not that anyone does…

We have shaped silicone baking trays, we have icing, Smarties, red fondant, black fondant, cutters and coloured icing pens. We have cake mix, we have those hard shiny metallic balls and we have a dedicated team of bug builders.

By mid-afternoon I confidently forecast that we will see several new species described in a mixture of cake and icing. Probably with fingerprints in the fondant and bite-shaped pieces missing round the edges.


New species for the British List

Yes, this has all the makings of a classic day on the farm.

6 thoughts on “Bees, bugs and baking

  1. authormbeyer

    I have fallen in love with your blog. Especially the butterflies. Practically nobody in America knows what a painted lady is, and it seems you have a special way with the spreading of lepidopterist lore. So, please, keep hitting that publish button. If you don’t, the likelihood is that when Mickey dies, he will come and haunt you at night with the terrible regret of paring back butterfly joy. Mickey is not always a friendly ghost. And he loves your blog almost as much as I do. (Please feel free to totally ignore threats that are utterly ridiculous.)

    1. quercuscommunity

      Just read “Playing the Evil Clown Game” (I’m interspersing work and pleasure today). I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone who can merge evil clowns, the Munsters and politics. Thanks for your kind words. 😉

  2. Helen

    Lovely butterfly cakes 🙂

    I haven’t seen a single butterfly this year…. Maybe the farmer behind my house has something to do with it. I hope s/he keeps away from the bumblebee killing insecticide. The poor mites really do live on the edge, don’t they?


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