Good day: rubbish title!


Interesting day. Weatherwise we had some threatening clouds, a couple of sharp downpours and some sticky interludes. In terms of visitors we had a couple of random cyclists and a group of walkers round so I did a bit of promotion and talked about pizza ovens. Then I had a potential volunteer come to visit. We’ve arranged for her to come back in a few weeks time and she’s said she’s happy to help with some gardening, despite seeing the effort that will be needed. I’m not sure whether to be happy or worry about her sanity. I must say that the prospect of some help has lightened my mood a little.


This week has really seen the butterflies emerge. We’ve also had plenty of bees and today we had hoverflies. It’s nice when a plan works out and people have been commenting on the number of pollinators we’re attracting so we must be doing something right.


We have a plan for some mini-ponds now. We’ve always had the idea in mind but it’s taken some time to find out how to build something we’ll be happy with. This week we had an email from  Mark Ridsdill Smith detailing exactly the sort of pond we’re aiming for. We have various plastic containers, gravel, rocks and rain water so that’s about it – no excuses now.

9 thoughts on “Good day: rubbish title!

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m looking forward to it. We used to fill ruts in the farmyard with water to watch the swallows and martins come to drink and gather mud for nests but we were told off for making it look untidy so had to stop it. 😉

      1. Helen

        That’s a shame. I love watching the birds wash in the water which collects on the top of one of my compost bins.

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