Green Care in Nottinghamshire, Care Farms and SEO Optimisation

Yes, it’s a dull title, but read on and all will be revealed.

Today, after helping with the breakfast for the “Breakfast and Yoga” event and ejecting a number of slugs from the polytunnels, I thought it was time to get more serious with this blogging stuff. First search was for Search Engine Optimisation.

I’d remembered it in the very early days, when I managed to get “Green Care” into the first line, but I’ve drifted off course since then. In fact, having just checked Green care Nottingham on Google, I’ve drifted so far I’ve dropped off the edge. If you offer dental care or pet care or run a care home that in any way is greenish you will be mentioned ahead of me. The farm is there on page 3 with the old website but apart from that there’s six pages of nothing to do with us.

Prepare to hear the words “green” and “care” more often.


It was a different story with care farm nottinghamshire. Top entry is the Ecocentre website, second is the old farm website, third is Chesterfield Community Care Farm which is in Derbyshire and has a Sheffield post code (though it mentions Nottinghamshire on its site). At that point I was beginning to worry. Fourth is Care Farming UK and fifth is a Nottingham-based food blogging site written by the second-best blogger in the area. Modesty prohibits me naming the best one…

I am mentioned several times in the food blog, so thanks for that Marcus, you’re actually more attractive to search engines when writing about Care Farms on a food blog than I am writing about Green Care and Care Farms on a Care Farm blog. Not quite sure about this SEO malarky but repeating Green Care and Care Farm in a subtle and contextual manner is, I’m told, a good thing.

I was then offered a free lunch and some friends came to visit, so I lost interest in SEO and started thinking about gardening and life again as we drank mint tea brewed from mint that had been standing inoffensively in the garden thinking of bees and rain, or whatever they think about, less than 10 minutes earlier. It can be a hard life at times, but this wasn’t one of those times.


Sorry, just noticed an omission – I didn’t tell you that this blog is sixth on the list. Not bad, but considering we’re behind a defunct website, a Derbyshire Care Farm and a food blog, I really should do better.

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