Tuesday night on Tuesday night


If this was a hard-hitting and controversial blog I’d probably write about how we’d hosted a group tonight where few of the kids had any manners (as in a complete lack of “please” and “thank you”). but as it isn’t, I’d probably have to go on to say that it probably wasn’t their fault, but that of their parents.

Yes, I’m nice. This isn’t natural, I’ve have been using relaxation techniques and such stuff and I can now look at them with a fond smile and think “I really hope this karma stuff works because you’re coming back as a pustule, young man.”

Don’t get me wrong, the majority were nice affable people you’d be happy to meet at any time and one or two were so pleasant and friendly it was a true pleasure to meet them. But, as with rotten apples, it only takes one to spoil things. They are the ones you remember. I will say no more, but as part of my mellowing process I am growing more Wodehousian, and there were one or two tonight who were absolute blisters.

On the plus side, we’re getting better with the wood-fired oven and one of the pigs has had eight piglets. We’ve normally managed more, but eight is still good.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday night on Tuesday night

  1. beatingthebounds

    Blisters! I’m working my way through as many of the Blandings Castle books as I can lay my hands on at present. Many I’ve read before, but I’ve unearthed some new ( to me) ones too. And I’m as happy as a pig in…but, no, Wodehouse would never use that phrase.

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I did use the phrase “Happy as a pig in salad” recently – would that serve? Or does it merely reveal my view on salad? Wodehouse should be on the national curriculum alongside Shakespeare.


    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      We had, as usual, a number of frustrating areas where we could have done better and a few of the people (as I may have mentioned) rubbed me up the wrong way. However, it was a fun night, as BBQs should be, and when several of the unruly children found a patch of nettles whilst running through a flower bed I had to stifle a laugh. (You may gather from this that my idea of a flower bed isn’t quite as strict as it could be.)

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