Rainy Monday

I knew there had to be a song lyric in there somewhere and sure enough the Carpenters obliged with Rainy Days and Mondays – Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

It would have been good, but I’m not unhappy about the rain. The other choice is from Shiny Toy Guns but I’m too old to even consider clicking on the lyrics of a band that is younger than the contents of my wardrobe.

I’ll have to write my own song. Rainy Monday, it wasn’t too bad. We got some stuff done and had a laugh when the willow water exploded on the desk. It’s a start…

Now we just need someone who can do blues guitar.

The willow water experiment has started. I’ve set two pairs of mint cuttings going – one in tap water and one in willow water and will see how the roots develop.


Warning: if you make your willow water in a plastic bottle, keep the top screwed on and leave it for five days you might get a fermented foamy sort of moment when you first open it. It didn’t actually explode, but I thought the song lyric demanded more excitement than “fizzed up surprisingly and nearly caught me out” which was actually what happened.


It fizzed up  a lot more than this but I didn’t get it all on camera

Later, Jamie and Bea from Shipshape Arts showed us their wedding photos – amazing do featuring, as you may have suspected, statuary, pyrotechnics and a home-made pinata.

Amongst all the mint tea I slipped in a cup of lemon balm tea for the Wild Food section – still not keen on the sort of lemony metallic taste I get from it. So far I drink mint tea for pleasure, nettle because it’s doing me good and lemon balm because I need something to write about in the Wild Food section – though it may take a day or two before it’s ready as Julia is trying to make me do proper work.



14 thoughts on “Rainy Monday

  1. beatingthebounds

    “I knew there had to be a song lyric in there somewhere”….I thought you were thinking of ‘Stormy Monday’ by T-Bone Walker. They call it rainy Monday, but Tuesday is just as wet, Wednesday is a little bit worse and Thursday is also…..something hilariously appropriate which rhymes with wet but won’t come to mind right now. I would have liked to have named our first lad T-Bone. Until I saw him, that was, when I thought Yoda fitted much better – he had pointy ears and wrinkly, cracked skin, he wasn’t green. TBH insisted on something more conventional. Probably right….

      1. beatingthebounds

        I used to think that they all looked like Churchill, but experience says otherwise. Our first was also a conehead. And very yellow. She’ll flatten me if she she’s I’ve aired that view in public.

      2. beatingthebounds

        Small? I would have thought that merits a ticker-tape parade at the very least!

  2. dropscone

    Have you tried lemon verbena tea? That’s nicer than lemon balm (although actually I quite like lemon balm. I think I know what you mean about the metallic taste it can sometimes get though).


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