Nettle tea and pizza

I made nettle tea yesterday, using a patch of nettles that had started to regrow after the pre-Open Farm massacre. It tasted a bit “earthy” according to my wife. I thought it tasted like I was licking a fox.  I’ve never actually licked one, in case you were wondering, but I have a powerful imagination. I also used to have a fox family under the shed in my (somewhat unkempt) back garden, so I do have some experience of  fox fragrance.


Nettle Tea

I’m going to give it another go, and will also try drying some leaves, but at the moment I’m sticking to mint.

We’re just starting a period of high activity now, a local special needs school today and ten more visits in the next four weeks.  Not sure if I’m looking forwards to it or not. I complain when we have nothing to do(and no money coming in) so I  can’t really complain about having too much on now.

It’s just a shame that all the work comes in at the peak time for weeding.

Meanwhile, Open Farm Sunday seems to have gone well according to the feedback forms and emails we’ve been getting, and we’ve raised enough money to keep going a bit longer so it can’t be bad.  We’re all squared away now and I’m just starting on the backlog of emails. We even had a management meeting at the end of the day, a sure sign of things getting back to normal.

It seems I’m involved in a BBQ for 40, a pizza demo for 15 and a village show (with pizza for 200). That’s the trouble round here, relax your guard for a moment and you find you have another job.


Today’s pizza. There is more pizza in my future, much more…

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  1. roughrustics

    The nettle certainly can be a bit hard to take standalone. I usually mix nettle with some chamomile or peppermint leaves. As I read this post, my tea is cooling next to me!


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