Have I done anything good today?

I took some ducklings to a care home for the elderly today and everyone seemed to like them.

In the first session one of them evacuated its cute little bowels into my hand as I showed it to the first person. In the second session I placed a paper towel in my hand and the little darling (which may or may not have been the same one) shifted itself backwards and unloaded onto the carpet from a great height. Fortunately with it being young and cute, people laughed. I doubt whether I’d have got the same reception if I’d done it and, in case you’re wondering, yes I am at that age where young and cute things make me growl.

My arms are too short to read without glasses, light bulbs aren’t as bright as they used to be, exams are easier than they were in my day, people mumble and modern hairstyles would look better on the end of a toilet brush. And gradually I’m finding that old age and treachery doesn’t beat youth and enthusiasm. That’s a shame because that and anti-inflammatories  were the only things that kept me going.

What with that and the flowers and herbs we took as part of our sensory presentation, it all seemed to go well. One of the ladies asked if I was married and another offered me a Malteser. I accepted the Malteser but had to point out to the other lady, in the words of the old song, I can’t get away to marry you today because my wife won’t let me.

We’ve done quite a bit of other stuff too, though nothing that approaches a duckling in bringing happiness.

So despite everything, yes I have done something good today.



3 thoughts on “Have I done anything good today?

  1. Helen

    Yes, made me chuckle, too. I actually saw a middle-aged man with a hairstyle such as is sported by younger generations and I have to admit that made me laugh, too 😮

  2. James Gielow

    This made me chuckle all the way through. I too am fast approaching the grumbling age where everything going on is not as proper as it was in my youth. I have resist the urge to pull up the pants of those young heathens daily. So, you’ve done doubly good by me sir!


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