Scarecrow winners – secret scarecrow preview

Here are the winners from the 2015 Scarecrow Competition (School Section) – the Gardening and Cooking Group from Archbishop Cranmer School, Aslockton. It’s two on the trot now for the group, who are notable for their imagination, recycling and attention to detail. Well done.


Beach Scene from Archbishop Cranmer School

The youth group prize was taken by the 1st Barnstone Brownies with “Brownie’s Got Talent”. Again, good imagination, clever use of materials and and neat work. Congratulations.


A singing Brownie showing her talent

However, in a barn far away, stands a secret scarecrow army awaiting the call…

Those of you with a sensitive disposition, or memories of Dr Syn, may like to turn away now.



Can’t tell you what they’re for, or what they’re doing lurking in the twilight of a barn near me, but one day soon, all will be revealed.






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