Raffles and old friends

Mix of work today, I’ve hoed the beds, mooched tea and biscuits from the yoga group and visted two companies who are giving us raffle and tombola prizes.

This last can be quite hectic as these days they all seem to want photo ID before you can pick things up. For a man with no passport and an old style driving licence this can be quite a strain. Fortunately Julia has a passport. I had one once, but after my last trip abroad, which featured being caught in a riot, threatened with arrest and sitting in a car when the door fell off…

Well, you can see why I decided not to go abroad again.

Newark was great in the sunshine and I got to catch up with an old mate. We’ve known each other a long time – I didn’t have kids in those days and he didn’t have a bypass. Would have liked to have made time for the English Civil War Centre but there wasn’t time today.


Newark in sunshine

Before closing I’d just like to say thanks to Boots, Morrisons, Asda and Wilkinsons for their support with raffle and tombola prizes for Open Farm Sunday. After a number of refusals and a few people who didn’t even reply it’s nice to know that some people will still support small local events.

2 thoughts on “Raffles and old friends

  1. beatingthebounds

    I’ve driven through Newark (well as a passenger when I was too young to drive myself) countless times on the way to and from Leicestershire to Lincoln, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever stopped to have a proper gander. An oversight.
    Co-op are good with local events (they have a scheme you can apply to for grants I believe). Are you sure it wasn’t ‘Abroad’ that turned against you – it sounds like you took chaos wherever you went?


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