Peregrination – a bad pun for a title

Sorry, not been as regular as I’d like with the writing, and now that I’m back I’m wandering off subject.

This is an interesting link, though it can be a little short on action. Just had a look to see what was happening and the most exciting thing was a fly buzzing round. I imagine there will be a few of them about as it isn’t the most hygenic of nests. Can you imagine having that on a window ledge outside your office? I’m all for nature but I’d draw the line at having pigeons dismembered while I was trying to concentrate on a spreadsheet or whatever office workers do – I’m hazy on what office work involves as I’ve never done any.

This is another local example though the feed isn’t quite so good.

To be honest, I’ve never quite trusted peregrines – it’s the moustachios. Stick an opera cape and a top hat on them and they’d soon be off evicting widows and orphans.

Goshawk here. They seem to be becoming fashionable after H is for Hawk. I haven’t actually finished the book so I just spoiled the ending by reading the review. If you don’t want to spoil the ending don’t read the review. The book seems OK so far but from what I just read the ending isn’t up to much – it’s full of hope, and I’m not in favour of hope at the moment: it’s one of those days.

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