Pizzas and Open Farm Sunday

We have built a Farmer for Open Farm Sunday so come and see us on June 7th if you can. We’ll be in the Education Tent and you can have a photo taken with your head in the hole. Thanks to our neighbour John for the painting and Shipshape Arts for the frame.

The expression says it all, doesn’t it? That’s a woman trapped in a marriage to an idiot if I ever saw one. She says much the same. However, after 25 years she also says she can’t be bothered to change me.

We have visitors tomorrow – the Mojatu Foundation are coming for a day out on the farm. It should be a good day and the pizza dough will, I’m hoping, be well received. I haven’t got round to mixing it yet, so all things are possible at the moment.

That’s about it for today – I have to go and tidy the polytunnels ready for vistors and mix dough.

Dough update – due to various factors too boring to tell, I had to do a bit of manoueuvring and reweighing. As a result we might, and I’m not admitting anything here, have one batch without olive oil and one batch with double the yeast and salt it should have. That’ll be the one trying to take over the world tomorrow morning.

Apart from that, all is fine and we should have 120 brillant pizzas tomorrow.

This picture is not, as you may think at first glance, a badly made dough map of India, but an example of the window pane test. Hoopefully the thinner areas are showing in the picture – the “window panes” that show the gluten is working properly. It’s a bit harder to demonstrate with wholemeal than it is with white flour but I thought I’d take the picture to make it seem like I knew what I was doing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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