Worn out!

We haven’t had a school visit for a while and I have become soft with inaction. After two groups baking pizza and discussing a range of subjects from why people eat guinea pigs, what to do with a dead ancient Egyptian, why Henry VIII didn’t eat chips and how yeast works, I’m feeling tuned up mentally and tired physically. Making pizza, trying to educate and standing with your back to four fan-assisted ovens can be a bit of a trial at times. It wasn’t so bad today because it has novelty value and because the day is quite cool.

Tomorrow and the day after, when temperatures are higher and the novelty has worn off, will be the real test.

The answers are (a) people eat gunea pigs because they are easy to raise and easily available in the Andes. (b) you cover him in a pile of salt (not “dump him in the sea” as one child suggested) to dry him out and inhibit microbial action (c) because he didn’t have potatoes – which is why the Romans didn’t have tomato on their equivalent of pizza and (d) they eat carbohydrates and produce carbon dioxide which is the gas that makes bread rise.

And yes, the proper teachers that accompany the groups spend a lot of time looking rolling their eyes when I get going.


That’s all I can show you – due to modern restrictions I’m not able to show you happy flour-covered faces, so here are two tables instead. I’m going to be taking action to ensure I can take more lively pictures in future – watch this space!


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