Where the smart money goes…

The guineafowl are living on borrowed time. They’ve been accused of scratching up garden plants and making too much noise so, it seems, they have to go. No more biodiversity, no more permaculture, just an empty, lifeless farm.

There is a bright spot of course. In a battle of wits between birds and farm staff all is not as it may seem. Having observed the staff in action or the years (or should that be staff inaction?) I’m not anticipating an early close to the matter.

Having discussed this with several people the smart money is on the birds.



Having said that, after a week of skirmishing, I turned up this morning to find the farm was winning, with most of the birds penned in the barn. There was just one still at liberty, and it was on top of the barn crowing for all it was worth. It’s a numerical advantage to the farm but the noise and propaganda victory goes to the birds.

Seeing as the pigs and chickens escape on a regular basis I’m waiting to see if this is the final act or not…

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