Windy weather and photographs


Windy today – most of the morning it’s been gusting between 19 and 35 kph – so it’s felt colder than the temperature suggests. As luck would have it we managed to have both doors open today at one time. Someone was holding the front door open to talk when someone else came in from the toilet and opened the back door. The result was a wind tunnel effect with instant temperature drop.

Before I had time to shout “Shut that door!” (or something similar but possibly ruder) I heard a smash as the vase of artificial sunflowers hit the floor by the front door. They’ve been an accident waiting to happen since they were put there (the blooms were too long and too big for the vase) so in a  way it’s a relief.

One group of piglets has been weaned this week, much to the relief of the mother, who was looking fit to fade away. We still have two more litters with the sow and another looking ready to farrow soon.

If a picture is worth a thousand words here’s the equivalent of a few thousand words for you, including porridge and the smoothie bike.



One thought on “Windy weather and photographs

  1. Julie Laughton

    What a wonderful morning! It was great to see all our friends again & we want to thank you for such a warm welcome & for making us feel so special. Although wet & windy it didn’t stop us donning our boots, wrapping up warm & tending to the animals. It was a first for us to assist with moving the geese from the barn to their outside enclosure & not all of them waddled the right way!! We were very excited to see the new goats & can’t wait to meet the kids when they’re born. The piglets were adorable & it is such a privilege to get so close to them & stroke them. The delicious bowl of porridge & banana smoothie was a healthy start to our day & focussed us on national breakfast week. We learn so much when we visit you & always have so much to talk about on our way home. We can’t wait until the next time. Until then, take care & keep safe. Mark & Julie



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