Locks, keys and luck…

The pin tumbler lock was probably an Egyptian invention, though it’s better known as the Yale lock these days. It’s not the world’s greatest lock but it’s widespread and convenient. If only the keys were as durable as the lock…

Yes, after watching my key bend a little more each day I really should have had a new one cut a couple of weeks ago, but you always think you can push it one more time don’t you? Well, I do. We don’t have many days off and when we do I never feel like going to a key shop.

It took surprisongly little force in the end. I was in the car, realised I had forgotten something and quickly went back to the house to get it. A quick twist of the lock and, with only about the force needed to break cheese, I had part of a key in my hand. And part of a key in the lock. Not a problem for me, just put the broken bit in and I was OK. However, you can’t really expect everyone else with a key to cut theirs to match so I had to do something.

Tweezers didn’t work and nor did a bent paperclip, banging the lock on the floor or swearing at it. Just as I was thinking of going for a new lock, and quite a lot of new keys, I saw what I was looking for. There was a small hole at the back. I’m not sure if it had always been there or if I revealed it in my attempts to dismantle the cylinder, but whatever it was, it was a life-saver.

Reapplication of the bent paperclip popped the broken piece out.

I’ve not had a great week so far but at last things may be looking up.

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