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Lemon Tarts and Battenberg

We have a food delivery coming tomorrow and I am struggling with the finer details. Pudding of the week was going to be a couple of lemon tarts but they seem to be unavailable. There seems to be a problem with lemon tarts, whether Sicilian or plain, as the results from our food orders are Ordered 2 Delivered 0. ASDA and TESCO have both defaulted.

This is a definite case of First World Problems. If I was living in Bangladesh right now I would have more to worry about than pudding deliveries. I’ve just been looking at a website with international Covid-19 news on it, and despite what I’m told is great government incompetence, I have to say I wouldn’t swap for many places in the world. I see that Sweden’s death rate is now rising steeply, and is currently higher than that of the UK. Even hindsight isn’t much help in making sense of a lot of the figures, so I’m just going to chill out and take it all with a pinch of salt. All my worrying, and all the worrying of everyone in the world, isn’t going to alter the course of the pandemic.

For now, I’m going to worry about croissants and cake. We probably should order croissants, because it gives us a different breakfast once a week, and everyone needs a treat. As for cake – I usually opt for Battenberg. I am a creature of habit and it’s a good thing to see on the plate when we serve afternoon tea.

Yes, civilisation is on the way out but a couple of times a week we have afternoon tea. There is, at this point, no obvious benefit to letting standards slip.

I am really regretting never taking a picture of a Battenberg cake, so I’ve taken one from the internet. It is the one from the Wikipedia link I gave above and I hope they will forgive my larceny.