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Thursday Evening

My phone alarm has just sounded the 8.00 alarm. That reminds me it’s time to take some pills. It also informs me that I have accomplished very little tonight. I’ve drunk tea, answered emails, watched two quizzes, done a few comments, washed up and tea is now ready to comer out of the oven.

It’s not a lot for three and a half hours. I’m never going to…

Just remembered, I have read some of Obsessed with Pipework – I’ve just taken out a subscription. But that only took 20 minutes as I still have quite a bit to read. However, I’m building a better picture of where my time goes.

I also spent time reading a letter from my MP. I’m not totally sure she’s grasped my point. I don’t really want to ban grouse shooting, but I do want to gamekeepers killing birds of prey. And |I certainly don’t want to see Scotland held up as an example, as the SCots, despite supposedly superior laws, actually kill more birds of prey than we do. However, at least my concerns have been logged.

There is a jump of two hours now, I’ve been watching TV and reading and trying to keep Julia sane after a trying day at work. Unfortunately her trying days translate into trying evenings for me. I’d like to be able to solve the problems but I can’t. I can’t even guess what the next problem will be.

The latest two problems were school staff switching locks between gates for some unknown reason and there being no staff to supervise as the kids left school, messing about and riding bikes across the garden. But it’s OK, because JUlia’s boss, who is never there when there is anything hard to do, has told her she is over-reacting. The trouble is that for her clients this isn’t just a minor inconvenience, it’s an invasion. Some of them need persuading to get outdoors at the best of times, and several of them really didn’t want to leave isolation. This isn’t helping.

As for the keys – sounds minor doesn’t it? Unfortunately it meant that the people who empty and clean the chemical toilets couldn’t get access when ¬†they called (they have a key and turn up after hours when it’s all quiet). That suddenly becomes a bit more of a problem.

To round off a depressing day (I won’t cover the events of the day at work) Diana Rigg has died. I saw her in The Misanthrope at the Old Vic in 1975. That was in the days when I still nursed reams of being cultured and urbane. I’ve never seen anyone exhibit such personality on stage.

Ah well…