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Day 106

Just a quick post so I can say I have posted, but it’s just a placeholder and no brain cells will be harmed in the writing of this post.

I sent a parcel to the Ionian Islands today, which was a first, followed by one to Canada. That was as good as it got. No more than average stupidity was demonstrated in the phone calls that came in and all the customers who called in person seemed fairly normal.

That is a mere 79 words. I have already drifted into sleep once whilst writing them, which tends to suggest that they lack grip.

We had home made mushroom and thyme soup for lunch and there is enough left over for tomorrow. (it was my turn to have a half day today). For tea we had veggie burgers again, with  a little salad. It’s convenient that way as I can order cobs with the Friday shopping delivery and they are still fresh on Saturday night. The veggie burgers were a bit too big and overlapped the buns. Like eucalyptus trees, they adopted a self-pruning strategy and several bits dropped off as we ate them in front of the TV.

I see that the Russians have imposed travel restrictions on a number of our politicians and will no longer allow them to visit Russia. This has a bit of a tit for tat look to it, and slightly misses the point. For one thing, doing it second just makes you look like a child in the school playground, and for another, who cares? Compared to the number of Russian politicians who have had their options for foreign travel drastically trimmed, this really is a very small ban.