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The One about the Day Before Yesterday

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Proverbs 31:10

What version? The King James Version, of course. Don’t get me started on that, the new translations always annoy me and I’m only a whisker away from posting links to Wycliffe, Tyndale and Coverdale.¬†Ooops!

In terms of catching up, it looks like I’m getting there.

This post is about Wednesday, which nearly brings me up to date.

Courting Pigeons

Courting Pigeons

Julia had a routine appointment at the doctor yesterday and I, selfishly, went back to sleep instead of taking her down. However, I redeemed myself by driving down and waiting in the car park. The day was bright, the traffic was light (at our end of town) and Derbyshire beckoned.

By ten to nine we were in Derbyshire and by half past we were in McDonald’s making inroads into a Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal. It was an interesting McDonald’s as it appeared to double up as a drop in centre for local people who liked to talk about their problems in a loud voice. As Julia said after we escaped, it’s not very relaxing to sit there, but you can see how it fulfils a local need. Loneliness is a growing problem, and eating at McDonald’s seems to be the modern solution. As funding is generally being cut for things like community projects it’s good to see somewhere for neighbourliness to flourish.

On the other hand, I don’t need all the details of bereavement, varicose veins and family rows…


Duck Feeding – a timeless pastime

After that it was off to the jeweller in Bakewell to buy the pendant I could have bought last week if Julia had been able to make her mind up. It was, she said, too expensive. However, as I pointed out, and quoted at the beginning of the post, a good woman has a price above rubies, and this was a lot cheaper than something with rubies in it.

I was going to travel up on Monday but a late finish, an Amber Weather Warning and the need to be at the coin club meeting all stacked up to put me off.

Pigeons were strutting, Long Tailed Tits were pinging and a Robin called. I feel that Spring is on the way. It was a good day to be alive.

If you look carefully there is a Long Tailed Tit in the tree

If you look carefully there is a Long Tailed Tit in the tree

With the pendant secured, we set off in search of books and cake. That will be covered in another post, as I need to get to work now.


A Robin in Bakewell – February 2020