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Good Friday

It started with the ping of an incoming text. I ignored it.

There was a second ping. I ignored that too.

“Simon,” said Julia, sternly, “you’ve got texts.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “I have.”

I turned over in bed. It was just after seven and I was planning on a lie-in.

“It might be important.”

“If it was important they’d ring.”

But by that time I was awake so I got up and read them.

It was Number Two Son telling me he was going to be late home from work because of an action-packed night shift. First there was a power cut, then the fire service had to winch a trapped customer down from a lift trapped on the second floor (or third floor as I believe the Americans say). This resulted in a broken lift.

They had a disabled customer in the hotel, so Number Two Son had to stay to ensure the customer had help to get up and down stairs if  he needed it. Until he tookthis job I didn’t realise that they had an extra staff member in if they had a disabled guest. This is good service.


Blossom at Mencap Garden

Naturally, this meant I ended up going to fetch him. They managed to get a cleaner to come in early to cover so we were off by 8.30, just one and a half hours late.

As a small silver lining – it’s double pay, with Good Friday being a Bank Holiday. Silver lining for him, that is. I don’t get paid, I just lost my lie-in.

We’ve been shopping since then, gardened, cooked and had a discussion about my language after some advice I gave to a driver who got in my way.

Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be more relaxed.

A Tale of Texting

I’ve had a shortage of texts in the last few weeks. People I have texted haven’t even been answering me, which must surely be a sign of something.

It all came to an end this week. First I had a text to tell me the surgery had tried to call but had been unable to get through.  This wasn’t quite true – they had got through but had put the phone down as I picked up. However, by doing that and texting they made me pay for the call.

Then I had one from the bank telling me that internet banking was going to be down at the weekend. As I don’t use internet banking this really doesn’t bother me. I reckon that if I don’t use it I will be harder to hack.

Finally I had one from my dentist to say they had to cancel my appointment.  I’ve been waiting five and a half months for that appointment and was looking forward to having my crown refixed.

I rang to rearrange the appointment and now have two. One, next week, will fix my crown and the other, in a month, will be my six-monthly check up. I suspect this means that I will have to pay twice, but I can’t keep going for another month with a loose chunk of gold running amok in my mouth. Regular readers may recall me mentioning that I had a similar problem a few years back and ended up swallowing it. At the current price of gold I don’t want a repeat of that.

Actually, it wasn’t final, I’ve just had one to tell me that I’m having a parcel delivered tomorrow. I’m not sure I needed to know that as I’d have guessed when I got home and found a parcel.

Texting used to be useful, now it seems on the verge of becoming another branch of junk mail.


Modern Life!

It was a beautiful morning as we drove to work, with great light quality, plenty of potential pictures and a superb sky. Of course, I couldn’t stop to take any of the photos, and I hadn’t taken my camera anyway. I had to drop Julia off at 8,30 and get to a meeting for 9.00 so there would, I decided, be no use for a camera.

As I pulled up for the 9.00 meeting, I noticed a distinct lack of life and cars around the house. The mystery (OK, not much of a mystery) was soon solved by reference to my phone – the appointment had been cancelled by a text in the early hours of the morning.

Don’t you just love modern life?

Later, whilst watching TV, another sad comment on modern life, I saw a quiz contestant who was training for a very unusual job. She was doing a web-based training course to become a professional cuddler.

Yes, it’s a proper thing, with a professional association and everything.

Just when you think you’re catching up with modern life (and I did have avocado for breakfast) something like this crops up. I’m off for my rearranged meeting now, though I may spend a moment banging my head on the wall.