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Study Number 1 - The Idiot

Soup and Quizzes

We had the standard soup using the bag of ready chopped veg and followed it up with a ham sandwich made using rye and sprouted grains. It was healthy and filling, though I will be adding a few stewed apples later just to top up.

I’m now blogging and watching Mastermind. I’m a bit slow tonight. I’ve often thought of applying for a TV quiz but never get round to it. This is partly because I’m lazy, but mainly because I doubt that my armchair brilliance would be repeated once I got to the studio.

It has now changed to Only Connect, as I am doing all sorts of things, apart from writing (in case you were thinking I was being slow. I’m not a great fan of the show as I don’t generally do well. However, it’s good mental exercise.

And even as I write that it ends and University Challenge starts. It’s a real quizzing fest tonight and I’m only getting away with it because Julia is distracted. Normally she puts her foot down and won’t let me watch three quizzes in a row. It’s a good night if I answer more than two or three questions. I’ve already answered three out of four, which is one more than the students. Could be a good night – sometimes I can watch a whole episode without even understanding a question. I’m now on six from eight. Things are looking up…

They are on chemistry questions now. I don’t even know what they are talking about.

Anyway, you don’t want a running commentary on me watching TV.

I just answered a chemistry question and am now doing badly at poetry. Just goes to show you never can tell.

I’m not honestly sure I have much to add. I went into two supermarkets today as I needed some specific things before we go into lockdown.  In TESCO there were three staff without masks and the spotty teenager working as a greeter kept pulling down his mask to talk to people. At Sainsbury’s the greeter didn’t even have a mask. Two staff on the tills had no mask, a manager was working with her mask pulled down under her chin and the four teenagers at the Argos counter were clustered together chatting with no masks.

No wonder we are having trouble.

Light Rye Bread that lives up to its name

I’ve often found that Light Rye Bread isn’t, so if you detect a slightly cynical tone here please excuse me.

I have managed to cook decent rye bread in the past, but I have to admit that I’ve also managed to use exactly the same recipe to make bricks only a week or two later. There’s something about me and rye that doesn’t mix.

So I wasn’t sure what to expect when I found the bread group doing light rye this morning.


Oat and Raisin cookies. 


Could be a new TV cooking double act. The Bread Lady and her sidekick.




Nicely floured and oven ready


When shall we three meet again? Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Different styles of loaf showing the grading from hand made to artisan and rustic. There are two more grades – “interesting” and “brave effort” but we avoided them.

As you can see, it all turned out well. Next lesson (in a fortnight) is going to be about making bread to hollow out and use as soup bowls for soup we will also be making. Usually I just lurk about and eat the free biscuits but for this one I may actually participate. I like soup.

Looking forward a little, In January, when many of them will be in India, it looks like I will be leading the session.

For a truly sophisticated bread making experience with the finest ingredients, technical hints and artisan skills you might be just as well waiting till February.