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What is Necessary?

There are several choices for tonight’s post. I can, for instance, write about The Lockdown Anniversary, politics, or counting our blessings.

I watched the news tonight and looked at the scenes in the refugee camp at Cox’s Bazaar. I’m not a man of great sensitivity, but even I was moved by the idea of refugees having even more troubles heaped on them.

Yes, it’s tricky not knowing if you can book yourself a foreign holiday this year, but I’m not sure it ranks that high on the list of bad things that have happened over the last year. Considering that much of the early infection was brought into the country by people coming back from foreign holidays, maybe we should all start to rethink our views on holidays abroad. The last holiday that I had abroad was in 1974 when I went for a daytrip to Calais by hovercraft. I still have¬† a lot of the UK to see and don’t feel at all deprived by not going abroad. Yes, a bit of sun would be nice, as would the chance to see ancient monuments and exotic birds, but I don’t feel deprived because I’ve spent my holidays in the UK.

As we come to the end of our first year of lockdown maybe it’s time to look around and decide what is really necessary. Food, clean water and shelter are necessary, A foreign holiday is not.

Sorry it’s a short post again, I’m just not quite on top form at the moment.


Retired teachers wanted – Nottingham Area

This is a request from Gail (better known as the Bread Lady to regular readers). She is working with a group helping refugees, teaching kitchen skills, and mentioned that they need teachers to help improve the English skills of their clients.

I can kill two birds with one stone by blogging with that title, as it is also the title that appears on Twitter.

So if you are a retired teacher from the Nottingham area, or know of any retired teachers from the area, let me know if you can spend a few hours teaching English to refugees.You can, of course, also volunteer even if you aren’t retired or a teacher. I’m sure she’ll be happy to accept help from anyone with a few hours to spare.

I’ll leave it there for now, as I still have ¬†along list of jobs to do (having been diverted by making the blanks for 35 masks for tomorrow’s visit. I’m not good with a glue gun, and progress was not swift. However, I did end up with 35 masks. I also have burnt finger tips, glue on my clothes and a spider web of glue trails all over the place.

As Julia said: “You can’t get the help these days.”